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Clinical Trial Focuses on Vaccine Treatments for Tumors
photoWake Forest Baptist is joining top cancer centers across the country to participate in a clinical trial focused on making vaccines from the tumors of patients with metastatic renal cell cancer.

The study evaluates AGS-003, an investigational, personalized immunotherapy designed to stimulate a tumor-specific T-cell response. In order to determine AGS-003’s potential for extending overall survival in newly diagnosed metastatic renal cell carcinoma patients, it will be evaluated in combination with standard surgery followed by targeted drug therapy.

In the study, a patient is treated by the medical oncologist, the kidney is removed by the urologist, a vaccine is made from the patient’s tumor cells by a basic scientist and then the immunotherapy is administered by the team in surgical oncology.

Secondary endpoints of the study include progression-free survival, safety, overall response and immune response.

“This trial is a great example of personalized medicine and really highlights multidisciplinary efforts in taking care of patients with advanced cancers,” said John H. Stewart IV, MD, associate professor of surgery, associate dean for clinical research and innovation, and the principal investigator for the Wake Forest Baptist study site.



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