Clinical Trials: Crucial to New Treatments and Cures

Participants in clinical trials—those who are sick and those who are healthy—are vital partners for researchers at academic medical centers such as Wake Forest Baptist.

Clinical trials are a key part of work done at the Alzheimer’s Research Core Center and in other aging-related research at Wake Forest Baptist. Such trials and studies most often need patients to take medications or to provide data, but many also may require healthy participants.

“One of the most important ways you can contribute directly to science is volunteering to participate in studies,” says Christina Hugenschmidt, PhD, assistant professor of gerontology and geriatric medicine.

“You don’t usually think about it, but whenever you read about groundbreaking new science in human medicine,
it means that hundreds or thousands of people just like you came in and volunteered their time.”

Learn More about Clinical Trials and Studies

Visit or call 336-716-2121 to learn more about the hundreds of ongoing clinical studies at Wake Forest Baptist and how to register to participate.